Rainy day today, so stuck inside posing by a boring white wall. At least the light was good enough to finally get an accurate shot of my hair colour though!

My hair went from completely natural to bleached 3 times and dyed 6 times within a week and a half, so it's dying a very quick death. But believe it or not, that's how many tries it took to get my hair to this colour, so hopefully it won't fade even faster than it took to achieve. In case any of you were interested at all, the colours I used to dye my hair in order were:

  • Paintbox in "Purple Haze"
  • Paintbox Toner & Creative Mixer in "Whiter Shade of Pale"
  • Schwarzkopf Luminance in "Ultra Violet"
  • Crazy Color in "Hot Purple"
At the beginning of my hair's journey to death, I bleached my hair to a brown/blonde ombre then created my own pastel purple shade with the Paintbox "Purple Haze" and the toner. This worked out pretty well into a dark brown/light brown/ash purple gradient....until I realised that it was already fading by the next day. Upon checking the packaging again, I realised that the Paintbox shades were only supposed to last for 3-30 washes. So I mixed Schwarzkopf "Ultra Violet" with some of the remaining Paintbox "Purple Haze". This failed and although my hair turned out a bit purple, it leaned very much red, which was not what I was going for. THEN I added Crazy Color's "Hot Purple" over the top of all this and am finally happy with the result.

I realise that this post is probably helpful for...exactly nobody, since I went through a lot of unnecessary steps and mostly mixed my own shades, so without further crapping on, let's just get to the photos of said hair.

As usual, when I have a boring outfit, my Jeffrey Campbell Tardies never fail me :)

Photography by Elaine Yee.


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