As everyone knows, Tetris is one of the most addictive games ever - for me, at least. My year seven memories consist of ongoing Tetris battles into ridiculous hours of the night, trying to beat everyone else's high score, and now, having discovered Tetris on Nintendo Wii, it is needless to say that my love of the game has been re-sparked.

So imagine my surprise and excitement when I went in search of galaxy leggings and found these leggings instead - serendipity at its finest.

Tetris leggings from Lucyinthesky.com
It was that same day that I realised I didn't have a white sweater to compliment the leggings, which is ridiculous, considering my love of knits, so I ventured out in search of a white sweater. Sounds simple enough, but finding an oversized, v-neck, white sweater that felt soft enough and was within budget was harder than I thought. Finally, I found this super soft one at Sportsgirl for just under $50. Success!

Sweater from Sportsgirl
And here are the rest of the pictures from a chilled day at home, warm and comfortable thanks to my new finds :D

And on my nails: Rimmel London Instyle Coral


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