I hadn't worn my JC Tardies in a while so I'd forgotten how comfortable they really are, but having worn them out two days ago and re-experienced them in all their platform goodness, I decided to wear them again today. I remember when I first decided to buy them a few months back; I had the hardest time finding anywhere that sold them small enough to fit my little elf feet (size 5), but I eventually did, and when they finally arrived in the mail, all I could do was obsess over how soft the leather was. They cost an arm and a leg, and I had my doubts, but you do get the quality you pay for.

Anyway, inspired by Jenn Im's take on the three primary colours of the spectrum (blue, yellow and red), I threw together an outfit with all three of those colours. So here are some photos of me having a bit of fun in a garden for a change...excuse my weirdness.

Jeffrey Campbell Tardy from 

p.s. Sorry that the quality is so bad for these photos; all photos were taken on my phone since I didn't have my camera with me but I didn't want my blog to die :(


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