Since there isn't much left of the winter, I figured I might as well bust out my fringes and faux fur while I still can. It might be the fur factor or the colour or just a combination of everything this bag has, but it just screams fall and winter, so I was pretty surprised that I haven't used it more often in the past months. Going along with the tribal/pocahontas look of it, I decided to match it with my tribal print leggings to create a somewhat coherent colour scheme.

On another note, I got introduced to a site called Quibids, where you auction things from $0.00 and can get printers and a bunch of awesome stuff for only a few cents... sounded amazing, so obviously I signed up. Let me tell you right now that that was a mistake. It is addictive and dangerous and I will probably keep going on it from time to time and waste my money.

Oh, and as I'm sure you can tell by my previous posts, the once vibrant purple in my hair has faded to an ashy pink/brown already, but I don't think I'm going to re-dye it anymore, at least for now, since my hair condition is already dangerously near the equivalent of hay.

Tribal patterned leggings from Urban Outfitters


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