I'm not going to write a clothing haul like I did for my skincare and makeup products because it would just be way too much to show in one post, so I figured I'd just show the pieces as each fashion post comes, which works out because everything I'm wearing in this post is new.

I'm one of those people who is always paranoid about wearing white bottoms, but I decided to get over it and got my first white pants. They have a denim-like texture to them, but actually have elastic at the waist like leggings, so they're ridiculously comfortable. Over the top I threw on my "acid-wash-denim" lookalike vest, which has already become my favourite vest. I call it a lookalike vest because it looks like acid wash denim, but it's actually made from a much more comfortable, lighter, cottony material, so it gives the look of a denim vest without the weight of actual denim.

Aaaaand for my shoes, I'm wearing my new Jeffrey Campbell Rona platforms. I'm pretty short, so the more height, the better, and with these platforms I grew a ridiculous 13cm! Plus, they're pretty easy to walk in and, as expected from JC, the leather is extremely soft. For accessories, I'm just wearing a gold cross around my wrist because I thought it went really well with the gold stud buttons on the vest. It's actually a necklace, but I wrapped it around three times to wear as a bracelet today.

Gold cross necklace (wrapped 3 times as a bracelet) from Urban Outfitters
Pants from Valleygirl; Jeffrey Campbell Rona platforms from Wasteland


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