Didn't try a ton of makeup products recently because the ones that I did try, I splurged on. So in light of being as economically smart with my shopping as possible, I decided to buy things that were either versatile or that I knew I would get a heap of wear out of. I also got the Burberry Velvet Foundation and one of the Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows, which I reviewed here 'cause I hate posts that get too long and tedious.

I know I'm a bit late jumping onto this bandwagon, but I finally decided to get the Sigma travel brush kit in Mr. Bunny (which is the set that had the most coherent looking brushes with the lighter tip). I was torn between the Mr. Bunny set or the limited edition London travel set, which had 18K gold ferrules and brown handles, but the only thing that stopped me was that the London travel kit didn't have the angled eyeliner brush, which was the one I wanted the most. I love the quality of the brushes and the case is really sturdy and holds up amazingly during travel (concluded after banging them around in my suitcase all week). I have no problems with shedding and they dry pretty fast after washing. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. Excuse how dirty my brushes are in the photo below, I'd used them in the morning and I don't like to use photos of products from the Internet 'cause I feel like photographs are more accurate without all the commercial editing.

The next thing I absolutely love is a Nars lipstick in the colour Honolulu Honey. I know I'm probably the last to try this as well since everyone else has already tried and raved about it, but I'm here to do the exact same thing. It's the perfect nude lip colour, but not a deathly I'm-extremely-sick-and-in-pain type of nude. I honestly think that the name of this lipstick is the best description of the colour, because the first thing that the colour reminds me of is honey. It's just a really sweet, honey, caramelly colour. BUT, as much as I love this lipstick, I have to point out that if you have any dry patches in your lips, this lipstick WILL exentuate them. I don't care, though, I love this so much I just slap on some lip balm and suck it up, 'cause it looks amazing.

Now that I'm done talking about the products that I love, I'm going to talk about something I still really like but just didn't wow me as much as the rest: Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in 65 Espiegle. I got this after hearing that if Rae could have just one blush for the rest of her life it would be this one. It's a shimmering blush, which is a bit different to what I would usually wear, but it does give a really nice glow. The only thing was that it wasn't as pigmented as I expected of it, so I have to build it up to the colour that I want, which is a pain when I'm in a rush. Other than that though, it is a really nice blush that I've been using a lot recently, I just hoped that for the price of the product it would be more pigmented.


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