Okay, for real this time, let's get this thing back on track, y'all!

Things have been crazy lately, what with working, uni and travel, so for the millionth time, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts! Also, sorry in advance for the social awkwardness of this post since I tend to take my time warming up to the whole blog thing again if I haven't done a post in a while and it's been forever since my last post.

Just this past week I've been flying in and out on a plane four times and missed out on a week of uni, so my brain and body clock are barely hanging in there, BUT the good news is that I'm back home now and have a bunch of stuff to talk about since I've been splurging on a heap of purchases lately.

In the next week, expect some intense home decor spam, since I've been going a bit insane buying home decor stuff, which I'll show properly once I have my apartment all organised (it's a mess at the moment, and it's tiny so I'm figuring out some ways to maximise my space which will hopefully be finished in the coming month or so). In the meantime though, here's just some happy snaps from my trip last week to keep this blog alive until my next post (which will be soon, I promise).


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