I bought a heap of stuff in the past month so I figured I would section it off into skincare stuff first, then I'll get into makeup and fashion stuff in separate posts so that it's not all crammed into one long tedious post. In addition to the stuff in this post, I also got the Clarisonic Mia, which I talked about here, because I didn't want this post to get too long.

I've been trying out the Purity cleanser, which I can already say that I'm loving. I haven't seen it around where I live, so when I saw a huge Sephora during my trip to Singapore last week I had to get something. I chose to get the Purity cleanser because I'd also heard pretty good things about it and I figure I would rather invest in good skincare than good makeup to cover my skin. It wasn't cheap, but the bottle is huge and you only need a tiny amount to lather it, so I think this bottle will last me a while. I like to use it with my Clarisonic Mia for super thorough cleansing, but I've also used it alone and it really does get rid of every bit of makeup left on my skin. The packaging is also really nice and the cap is designed to dispense only as small an amount as needed so it's not easy to waste this product (even by accident if you're clumsy like me). I would definitely buy this cleanser again 'cause I love it so much, but the only downfall would be that it's not really readily accessible for Australians.

A cheek full of freckles later, I've finally decided to take my sun protection more seriously and actually buy a sunscreen. I wanted the sunscreen for my body and the sunscreen for my face to be separate, so I splurged on the Diorsnow Translucent SPF 50 as my under makeup sunscreen and I really like it so far. It took me a while to get my head around the price, but a little of this stuff goes a long way and it doesn't feel like I have an extra layer of product on my face after applying it. If anything I found that my makeup goes on even smoother after applying this SPF underneath. Also, the packaging is great because it has a pump, which I feel is really unexpected and travel friendly considering the rest of the packaging, which looks like a squeeze-tube.

I've also been trying out a new moisturiser by Fresh, which is a brand I rarely hear of here in Australia but is apparently really popular and talked about in Hong Kong. After a friend persuaded me to try the sample at a counter, I decided to try out their Rose Gel Cream since I loved the texture of the sample so much. It feels extremely light and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy afterward, just very hydrated and smelling AMAZING. I know a lot of people out there don't like scents in skincare products, but I personally don't mind it and this particular moisturiser smells like you just came out of a rose bath. This brand uses natural ingredients, so it should work well on people with sensitive skin too. The only downside of this would be the price, considering you only get 50ml. The product does spread out well so you don't need much of it, but the price is still quite a lot for the amount of product given.

Lastly for my skincare products this month is the Pond's Flawless White Lightening Cream. This is my second jar of this product in a year because it does a great job at evening out my skin tone and reducing redness. I also quite like the scent (though I know that's not for everyone), there is quite a decent amount of product in the jar and I do appreciate that there is SPF in it. However, the packaging, even though it has a really nice asymmetrical design, is not very travel friendly. Considering that it is a moisturiser, it's actually not that moisturising either, but I still get this product because of its effectiveness in evening out my skin. Another downside is that it's only available online and in Asia, so it's not that readily accessible.

That's about it for my skincare stuff this month, see you in my makeup and home decor posts!


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