Straight-haired ponytails are clearly not the most flattering hairstyle for me, particularly after 6 hours of work, but regardless!

I usually quite dislike pink things, so you can imagine my surprise when I found myself attracted to this neon/hot pink blouse. Of course, the main thing that drew me to the shirt wasn't so much the colour as it was the collar tips and the cutouts, though. To match the gold collar tips, I wore some minimal gold accessories as well since I thought this top wasn't really enough to make the outfit on its own.

Also, I finally decided to acknowledge the other shoes in my collection other than my Jeffrey Campbell's, so I went with black peep-toe platforms that were actually a birthday gift from my best friend on my last birthday! Thanks, Viv, if you're reading this!

Top from Madison Square; Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters;
On my lips: Nars Honolulu Honey
Ring from Lovisa
Cross necklace (wrapped 3 times as a bracelet) from Urban Outfitters


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