I realise how boring I am with my outfits since I've been practically living in my JC Rona's and this denim-lookalike vest, but they paired perfectly with another recent purchase that I've been obsessed with - these baggy patterned pants. These pants are the epitome of my dreamy, ideal outfit - feeling like I left the house in pajamas, but actually still looking somewhat decent.

Unfortunately, aside from living in ecstasy of having finished my second year of uni and rolling around in my multiple recent purchases, there is honestly nothing else for me to do these days since everyone else is still in their exam periods.

p.s. I know I said I would have home decor posts up soon, but I haven't finished decorating yet, so those posts will come, I promise!...after I actually figure out how to decorate my humble abode.

Pants from K-styleme; Jeffrey Campbell Rona Platforms from Wasteland
On my lips: Revlon Coralberry


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