Hey hey, hope everyone had a great Christmas! Holidays have been popping up left and right, what with a week in Sunshine Coast with my best friend/crazy girl/twin shorty, then Christmas, then my boyfriend and I had our third anniversary, now New Years Eve is tomorrow, and two weeks after that my birthday will be upon us.

Anyway, here's me in a studded sweater. If you can't already tell by now, I'm unhealthily obsessed with anything studded...or platformed...or denim (which I had opted away from, since it was blistering hot in the afternoon. It did, however, turn unpredictably cold towards early evening, but having lived most of my life in Melbourne, a place known for having four seasons in one day, I've come to terms with the fact that no matter how appropriately dressed you think you are for the weather, you will still be mercilessly hot or freezing in a matter of hours).

Geometric clutch from Urban Outfitters; Shorts from Urban Outfitters

Due to high demand (i.e. exactly one person), here are a few additional happy snaps from my week away in Sunshine Coast, Christmas, anniversary and my adventure to the zoo.


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