A moment of appreciation for this leather skirt, please. It's (p)leather AND studded, both of which I am obsessed with lately, not to mention that finally, my days fearful of wearing a skirt on a windy day are over. 

I also want to quickly mention how great the weather has been lately, which is a rare happening in Melbourne. It's now warm enough for me to put my thicker coats away, but the temperature is still low enough for me not to melt into atrocity as soon as I leave the house. Sadly, I know this lovely weather isn't going to last long (it's already forecasted to be 37 degrees again in a few days), so I'm whipping out all my lighter jackets and cardigans like this one while I can!

OH, ANDDD I made a Chictopia account! I've been obsessed with it the past couple of days, so follow me on there too, ladies! (My username is just "thoughtsinpixels" on there too, so go go go!)

Cardigan from Nasty Gal; Thigh high socks from ASOS; Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Lo from Nasty Gal

Studded skirt from Motel Rocks; Cross ring from Lovisa


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