...Entranced under Maleficent's spell, the beautiful princess followed the mysterious glowing light up to the tallest room of the tallest tower, where there lay what appeared to be a pair of shorts. Curious and mesmerised was the princess as she reached out her finger to touch it, when suddenly - ouch! What the hell was that? A needle? A stud! As her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, moments before she lost consciousness, she realized that there were not just one stud, nor a couple...but hundreds, sewn all over the pair of shorts.

Haha, hello world! I hope you enjoyed the new and improved Sleeping Beauty just now; I figured I would introduce my shorts a little more creatively today. Oh, and I have an eye on my wrist.

Anorak from Nasty Gal; Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Lo from Nasty Gal; Circle sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

Studded shorts from Miishka; Evil eye bangle from ASOS


  1. Awesome look! I love how you've styled those shorts! :)