As readers of my blog have already heard me rave about how much I love these (seemingly pajama bottoms, but are in fact actual) patterned pants, I won't bore you with more talk of them. I will, however, bore you with talk of this top instead, which was practically a steal from Bardot during the world's crazy Boxing Day sales. I had lusted after this top for a while, each time refusing myself the satisfaction, until I noticed it calling out to me from its sad, lonely spot on the hanger under the SALE sign. This was, of course, a signal from the high heavens that the time had come for me to finally whip out the contents of my wallet for this top. Ever since, the cropped length and longer sheer back has been the pleasing match to...well, approximately 90% of the bottoms I own.

Patterned pants from K-styleme; Asymmetrical sheer-backed top from Bardot;
Jeffrey Campbell Rona Platforms from  Wasteland

Cross ring from Lovisa


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