As the pun in the title suggests, this pair of Trippen shoes outstayed its welcome in my wishlist and has finally joined my wardrobe instead. Officially the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought in my entire life up to this point, I am proud to say that despite my wallet's miserable state, I have no regrets and they are everything I thought they would be.

They fit true to size, are extremely easy to walk in, and of course, no shoe of mine is complete without a platform! Not to mention that this is no regular platform, but a unique two-block platform inspired by traditional Japanese footwear (cue ooh-ing and ah-ing).

American Apparel Disco Pants from ASOS

Metal piece necklace from Urban Outfitters

Trippen Layers from Gravity Pope

If you have not yet seen the hilarious prank video from which I just quoted ingeniously in the title of this post, click here and watch it for some giggles ;)


  1. Those shoes are so beautiful. Like I'm hoping I don't fall too hard for them cause my wallet definitely can't do that right now. Droooool

    1. Thanks, lovely! I was hoping the same as well, but obviously I caved soon enough haha. It's just so hard to find a cheaper alternative for these because they're so different from any others that I've seen :):( (unsure whether I should be happy or sad about that hahah)

  2. Looks so your variety necklace....