Holla! For those of you who didn't know, I'm one of those lazy people who want to shop but can't be bothered (particularly in this cold weather) to take off all my layers of clothing just to try on a dress, then reassemble my entire outfit afterwards. The obvious solution - online shopping!

On the other hand, online shopping will be the death of my bank account. It's so easy to spend a ton of money without realizing it, because instead of handing cash over, it's just the click of a button. I swear, if the devil had an online presence, it would be an online store.

But anyway, in case any of you wanted to join me in the depths of financial hell, yet also the cloud nine of shopping convenience, I decided to share my favourite sites to shop from. Enjoy!

  1. Nasty Gal (www.nastygal.com) 
  2. Wasteland (www.shopwasteland.com)
  3. ASOS (www.asos.com) - free shipping worldwide!
  4. Urban Outfitters (www.urbanoutfitters.com) - includes helpful customer reviews
  5. Lucy in the Sky (www.lucyinthesky.com) 
  6. Bardot (www.bardot.com.au) 

Remember that it's SHOPWASTELAND.COM, and not just WASTELAND.COM...otherwise you'll be in for something else entirely (which I learnt the hard way, unfortunately).

...Most of you will now probably go to wasteland.com just to see what it is. Curiosity killed the cat, I'm just sayin'.


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