Bad fashion choices. We've all made them. We all want to rip up the evidence, ship it to Neverland, drown it in gasoline and set it on fire. 

Everyone starts from somewhere though, and a lot of cringe-worthy trial and error is necessary before you gradually find your own unique style and direction. I was just recently looking at my old photos and engaging in said cringing, when my friend Kristian suggested that I do a post showcasing exactly that - MY trial and error process. Luckily I was in uniform most of the time for school, so there isn't much documentation of this process.

Despite the awkwardness of this experimental stage, it's a necessary stage for us all to go through to discover what we like and don't like - which is ultimately what matters most. At the end of the day, don't bother playing it safe. Wear whatever you like and if you feel good in it, nobody else's opinion should matter.

Remember, a fashion choice is only a bad one if you don't feel great in it ;)

What's the most embarrassing outfit YOU wore?

A trip to Disneyland, where I once thought this top was gorgeous.

Getting there...getting there.

My senior formal. In hindsight, I regretted choosing this dress. Could have been worse, though.

And finally, this was when I started to get a feel for what I liked and what I didn't.

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  1. 1st pic young and innocent side.
    2nd pic childish side (bow tie, Disney land and you love Micky mouse hey)
    3rd pic I personally like it, weird but cute face pose, and look very feminine.
    4th Not sure why you hate it, some bad memory on that night?
    5th you look great ^.^

  2. Oh come on, you're not even close to what makes someone cringe! You look perfectly normal in all of the pictures, even with minnie's bow+ears on haah!

    1. haha thanks Elisa!! *confidence boost*