Heyyyyyyyy there! Just to switch up the pace - and because I love tags - I wanted to do the 7 Deadly Sins of Fashion tag. Let's see...

Asymmetrical sleeveless top from Bardot; Faux leather accented pants from Bardot;
Jeffrey Campbell Rona platforms from Wasteland

Gluttony - what do you own in excess or extravagance in your closet?
Definitely sleeveless tops. I buy so many sleeveless items only to regret it once winter rolls around and I'm left to freeze.

Greed - what type of clothing do you always have a desire to buy?
Shoes! I always say if I collected anything, it would be Jeffrey Campbells.

Sloth - when you're going out but feeling too lazy to find something to wear, what is your go-to outfit?
A sleeveless top, baggy pants and platforms. All day, err'day.

Wrath - what makes you angry when shopping?
Bad customer service! Oh my goodness, it is such a pet peeve to be served by someone who isn't willing to help, arrogant, or just obviously doesn't want to be there. YOU ARE GETTING PAID TO SMILE AND HELP ME. IS THAT REALLY SO BAD??

Envy - which celebrity's style do you most envy?
Like I said in my previous blogger tag (here), I love Kylie Jenner's style and Taylor Momsen's style. GORGEOUSSS.

Lust - which stores appearance do you find most attractive?
I love the look of Sportsgirl shop fronts, especially the one on Bourke St in Melbourne's CBD, because they always have extravagant and relevant displays set up at the entrance, so even if I don't have any intention of buying something, I often just go in to take a look at their new displays.

Pride - of all the outfits you've put together, which are you most proud of?
I'm proud of any outfit that I feel good and confident in, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be this one (I have a full post about it here), because this was a little outside my comfort zone when I was putting it together, but I ended up really liking it and finding that it was a really flattering silhouette.

Newsboy cap from Urban Outfitters; Black dress from Esther; Contrast socks from ASOS;
Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Lo from Nasty Gal


  1. really enjoyed reading this :)
    seriously love the first outfit; it's gorgeous!!

    1. thanks!! hahah yeah that first one is my go-to outfit, so comfy, but I'm yet to find a go-to for winter :(

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