You absentmindedly look out into the distance. This place been abandoned for some time, but now you see someone in the distance, slowly approaching. You squint cautiously in their direction - could it be? Is it really her? Then the figure steps into the light and it's just as you thought - she's finally returned!

Hello world! I'm so sorry I've gone AWOL for the past month or so, but before you all throw globs of guilt at me for neglecting all my little thinkers here, I'm starting a fun little weekly blog series this week, so I'll have a guaranteed post at least once a week, just for you ;)

Also, I got my hands on a new DSLR camera, so get ready for detail overload from now on! 

Moving on, here I'm wearing my new pleather overalls from Bardot. I love the quality and fit of them, but I can't decide if I should cuff the bottom of them or not, so hit me up with any suggestions!

Sheer polka dot blouse from Nasty Gal; Pleather overalls from Bardot; Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Lo from Nasty Gal

Super close up of my collar - let me know if you would like more detailed shots like this!

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