Sunday cravings hit us again, thinkers! As you've no doubt realized by now, despite once vowing that I would never be a blonde Asian, I have bleached my hair to none other than exactly that, and plan on lightening it further in one last session in the next few weeks.

Anyway, story time: each time I make my way to class, I like to stop by at a fruit stall in Melbourne Central to get the best yoghurt ever to exist. I usually will get the one with strawberries, blueberries and crunchy muesli on the top, then go about my day, happily filled with yoghurt. Little did I know, however, that I was in for a rude shock on Tuesday morning - the stall was under renovation and was closed until further notice. Needless to say, I proceeded to go about my day very unhappily craving yoghurt, which obviously inspired to create an outfit inspired by my loss.

Keep an eye out for my next post for details on the makeup I was wearing in this post, done by the lovely Jade Li Makeup Artist!

Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters

Abstract reptile print top from Bardot; Pastel cardigan from; Pants from Valleygirl;
Platform boots from Rubi

Layered leaf necklace from Equip


  1. Welcome back to being blonde! I'm trying to get lighter but I've gone twice and I'm still at this golden blonde.. and my scalp hasn't been happy with the bleaching.

    1. Thanks! This is my hair colour after bleaching twice and toning :) My hair lightens really well because I have super thin hair, so I'm pretty lucky with that.

      My scalp handled it really well too because the salon I went to added some oil into the bleach so that it doesn't strip my scalp too badly, you should try a salon that does that!

      Also try a purple toner and purple shampoo to get the yellow tones out :)I'll do a post all about my hair after the second session

      Good luck! xx

    2. Ah okay! I just got some dandruff shampoo + scalp protection oil so we'll see if that helps for now. My scalps always been a bit sensitive so I guess it makes sense that it doesn't like bleach very much lol. I'll keep an eye out for your post though :]

  2. Is the yogurt really that good? Better than Milky Cow we had before??

    1. It's not frozen yoghurt, this is just normal fruit yoghurt, it's SOOO YUMMY

  3. Found you on CityBlis dear. And I can say that your blog is one of a kind! You have a distinct style!


  4. those sunnies are awesome. Love the cardigan on you :)