Happy 1st of September! Let me just say, I am not in any way affiliated with Chatime - but I struggle to go through a day without at least one warm pearl milk tea with 80% of sugar. Very specific, I know, but it's like the god's accidentally spilt some of their divinity into this purple paper cup for me to find and devour. 

Story time again! Admittedly, pearl milk tea is not something I have always been so fond of. The first time I tried it, I was almost taken aback by how disgusting the texture of pearls are (in my defence, I don't particularly like anything of a gummy texture, hence my lack of favouritism towards jelly beans or gummy bears etc.). However, it was when I moved to Hong Kong in 2008 that I was overcome by the Asian in me and suddenly loved pearl milk tea, but only from one particular vendor. Then in 2010 when I returned to the waiting arms of home in Melbourne, I was torn apart from this vendor and with it, my love for pearl milk tea. 

But like any children's story, mine has a happy ending - a happy ending in the form of a new vendor called Chatime (cue angelic music and heavenly light glowing from the name). So, since its become almost a daily part of my life, here is an outfit completely inspired by pearl milk tea (don't forget the 80% sugar!).

Polka dot cropped top from Boohoo, Pants from Valleygirl; Trippen boots from Gravity Pope

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