Aloha, my lovelies! Since I had my hair curled in the last post, I figured I would show what my new hair looks like in its natural state. 

I've had these pants in my closet for a while from Plndr but for some reason, I just haven't felt like posting about them until today when I suddenly felt like wearing them. Thus the possible mismatched vibe from this outfit, since I was itching to wear these pants, but paired it with a singlet for the weather. You should know that I am constantly weather impaired in Melbourne and, only naturally, froze as soon as I left the house. 

On another note, these pants give off a bit of a baroque vibe from its colours and olden-day-painting-style pattern, not to mention fit perfectly, so I've been wearing these a lot - the reason as to why my mood has kept them from my blog is beyond me. 

Sienna cardigan from Nasty Gal; drop back V-neck singlet from Tobi; Tony Bianco platform heels from Styletread

Pants from PLNDR
Anyway, that's it from me today! I've got a tag and some product reviews coming next :)
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  1. I could never pull off your hairstyle! And your pants are amazing, love your outfit :)

    1. Thanks heaps Annie! More to come :)