Hey guys! As promised, my first video for Thoughts in Pixels is a quick, simple video showing the different bold lipstick shades that I own and what I think of them. I'm still playing around a bit with lighting for my videos, so sorry if the lighting looks strange in this one!

Lime Crime lipstick in "Airborne Unicorn"
This lipstick comes off as a creamy, matte, light purple. I have no complaints about this; I absolutely love this lipstick and have been wearing it almost every time I have a night out. The creamy texture makes it extremely even and smooth on the lips, is not at all drying, and it doesn't accentuate any dry patches. Lime Crime prides itself on the opacity of their lipsticks - and so they should, because it is uncommon for such a light colour to be so opaque. Of the 6 lipsticks in the video, this is the only one that leaves a stain on the lips.

Illamasqua lipstick in "Pristine"
This is everything I look for in a matte black lipstick: true black colour, undeniable opacity, durable through meals and easy to apply. The issue with such a long lasting lipstick, however, is that it tends to be a less creamy texture. Despite this, it does not dry out my lips and the product still distributes evenly and smoothly. Not to mention, although this is the darkest of dark lip colours, it does not stain the lips. 

Mac lipstick in "Morange"
In my video I described this colour as the "best summer lipstick," reasons being its attention grabbing brightness, easy application and lasting power. Not to mention, "Morange" doesn't leave a stain. Summer is the time to sweat, go to the beach and grab a few drinks. Through all the drinking and splashing, who wants to reapply their lipstick every half hour? Also all year round, but particularly in the stickiness of summer, convenience is key, so it's a great advantage that this lipstick is able to give opacity and evenness in one swipe. 

Illamasqua lipstick in "Apocalips"
This matte teal is a very recent favourite of mine. With the same consistency as Illamasqua's "Pristine", this gives the face an unorthodox pop of colour that will last all day through talking, eating, drinking and blotting. However at the end of the day when you finally want to remove it, this won't leave a stain or your lips feeling stripped of moisture.

Lime Crime lipstick in "New Yolk City"
This is my least favourite of the 6 lipsticks. A true yellow colour, this applies unevenly and accentuates all the wrong things. Not only that, but this lipstick has a hard time staying on the lips and almost all the colour will come off with one light blot on a tissue. By far the most disappointing lipstick since I know Lime Crime's other lipsticks are superb quality. It's a unique colour, but it's the quality that stops me from reaching for it. Ever.

Lime Crime lipstick in "Serpentina"
Unlike "New Yolk City", this is one of Lime Crime's great lipsticks. Easy to apply, opaque, not drying - it's all there. This doesn't last as long as "Airborne Unicorn", however applies surprisingly smoothly despite the fine shimmer particles. Unfortunately I think this colour is limited edition along with a dark shimmering berry colour, specially released for Halloween, but if you can manage to get your hands on it, it's definitely worth getting such a beautiful, unique colour.

What I'm wearing in the video:
Sunglasses by Fendi
Top from Cotton On

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