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"So many people rave about this! I have to try it!"

Many a time have I had my hopes and dreams shattered by a product that cruelly disappointed me despite other people's raves, so this post is to take a stand and list (in no particular order) the ones that just aren't that great.

Benefit Pore-fessional Face Primer
I know several bloggers and youtubers swear by this primer, so my hopes for this product's performance were sky high only to be stomped on as soon as I tried it. It undoubtedly made my skin feel smoother than a baby's butt, but a little certainly didn't go a long way for me, nor did it make my foundation last longer or look any different. In Australia, this primer retails for AUD$50, so for the price, this product was a definite disappointment.

Butter London Nail Foundation Base Coat
I'm a girl who does my nails every week, so a good base coat is a necessity. Countless reviews that I'd read had claimed that this product smooths out any ridges, protects the nails from chipping and staining and not only works great as a base coat, but can be used alone as a nude nail colour as well. NONE OF THE ABOVE WERE TRUE. Well, at least for me. The colour was far too yellow to be a nice nude nail polish alone, the application was streaky and difficult to get even and the brush was too long. After a couple of bad experiences with this I decided to continue using it to give it another chance - a decision that was cut short by the product drying shortly after opening.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
This is probably my favourite out of the 5 products mentioned in this post, however while I do like the way it looks on my skin, there are several problems with this as well, the first of which being this product's colour range. The entire colour range is quite limited and even the lightest shade is slightly too dark for me. Secondly, while the formula looks nice, it has a very wet finish and MUST be set with quite a substantial amount of powder. I do, however, recommend this if you are able to find your perfect shade in this and aren't bothered by the extra step of setting with a powder.

Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Pencil
This product was a huge disappointment, considering how many product raves surrounded this eye pencil. This pencil broke very easily and was very difficult to sharpen. It definitely is as dark, soft and creamy as everyone had said, but also tends to smudge everywhere into a huge black mess. Smokey eyes are great, raccoon eyes are not.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
This mascara was also a disappointment. The packaging promotes that it is smudge-proof, but my experience assures me that it isn't. The wand is also too large, making it quite difficult to work with, particularly around the inner corners and lower lashes. Not only that, but the formula is extremely wet, making the application process a very messy one. In its defence, it does add considerable length and volume to the lashes, but the wetness of the formula weighs the lashes down and doesn't hold curl whatsoever and is too difficult to work with for my eye shape.

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