Say goodbye to the green hair and hello to black-grey ombre! It took a month to complete, 12 hours at the Toni & Guy Salon and a lot of patience, but here we are!

First off - stay away from the Dare hair colours (linked here). I know it's tempting and they have some great colours, but as my hair stylist told me (and I painfully found to be true over the next month's hair journey), it is not a semi-permanent dye as advertised but a direct stain on the hair and becomes extremely difficult to remove. 4 hours in a salon and even bleach wouldn't budge the green colour from my hair - something my stylist had experienced with other clients who had used Dare colours as well.

DIY Vitamin C Dye Remover

What finally did rid my hair of the green stain was a mixture of vitamin C powder (or crushed vitamin C tablets) mixed into a paste with a deep cleansing shampoo. The shampoo I used for this was the Label M Deep Cleansing Shampoo, then when that ran out, the Matrix Clarifying Shampoo.

I followed the instructions on this blog post.

The blog post advises to leave the lathered mixture in your hair for an hour - I left it in mine for an hour and a half every day for 20 days straight (followed by an intense hair treatment of course). There was a significant difference, but even at the end of the 20 days, there was still a light green tint to my hair, which is where my second appointment came around.

Toni & Guy Salon Experience

My first appointment with Toni & Guy was 4 hours long (as mentioned above). My second appointment was 6 hours long. In this time my hair was lightened three times, my roots were dyed black, the ends were toned twice and a protein treatment was used. By the end of the 6 hours my hair was very close to what I wanted, but the grey gradient had a slight blue tinge to it.

I made one more appointment for the next morning which lasted 2 hours, during which the colour from the day before was cleansed out and a new colour was applied and toned.

Finally I couldn't be happier with the results. Having used up 8 hours of my stylist's time, she was extremely patient with me through all my nitpicking and I didn't feel rushed at all. The salon itself was extremely clean, bright and welcoming, and clients are served coffees of their choice upon arrival.

The Toni & Guy salon I went to was on Level 2 in Melbourne Central and my stylist's name was Jordana. I highly recommend this place as the service is perfect, the venue is beautiful and the staff always consider your hair condition above quick results.

Products mentioned in the video

Scalp-to-Hair Revitalise Thickening Shampoo
Make Blonde Shampoo
Joico Kpak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor for Damaged Hair
Label M Protein Spray

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  1. He is very caring and compassionate- listens to your concern about neograft hair transplant and answers questions thoroughly. His attitude is clearly reflected in his staff, which is also warm and friendly. I had a wonderful experience- as did my hairs :) I will definitely be going back….